Pearl leaf Earring
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# EC189-Pearl-Leaf-02
Price: $225.

Oxidized Sterling
22Kt Gold
White Freshwater Pearl



These little dangles, 3/8" wide, are the perfect earring to wear, when you like the suttle luster of pearls and a touch of gold, because you love the 2-tone-look, but want to keep things casual and love a little swing.... The pearls are white with a hint of cream and blush.

This earring is made of Sterling Silver with a layer of patina that gives it a well loved, completely carefree look. The french hook is made of Niobium, whichs is hypoallergenic and slightly darker than Silver. Pair it with a T-Shirt and you are ready to take on the day.

I make each piece once ordered. Please note that slight variations occur. They are to be anticipated
and appreciated as these are handmade pieces. Bright finish or black finish are options upon request. Delivery takes 2-6 weeks.









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