little known facts

When I was 8 weeks old, I visited Jackson Hole,Wyoming. There I met a fabulous woman. We had a blast together... Puppy on his back
Puppy pulling on jeans leg I loved her friends and was exited to drive home with her. I slept on her lap for most of the drive and we have been inseperable ever since then...
Once we arrived home, I got to meet the other members of my family. Puppy in man's hand
two dogs playing with frisbee Sam taught me a lot. She was very wise and knew, how to play...
My grandparents came to visit California. Needless to say, they adored me! family photo with classic car
puppy is getting carried in a bag On many hikes, once I was too tired, I was carried along...
Later in life I got in trouble for behaving like the big dog I know I am... dog held up on harness
dog on sailboat

But I still get included in everything.

Some things I enjoy more than others...and sailing is definately not my thing!


I prefer to play and have sleep-overs with friends. two dogs in bed
dog sleeping with Elmo toy Dreaming up new adventures...
And I can tell tall tales of my adventures! dog on beach
March 9th 2016 RIP


My favorite hikes

25 little known facts

  1. I eat a chicken strip and take a nap daily, not necessarily in that order
  2. Currently I have 4 different harnesses to chose from, depending on what I do
  3. I insist on sharing a chair with you because I want to be as close as possible to you.
  4. Laps are the best place to watch netflix
  5. Showers and baths are highly over-rated
  6. rolling in stinky stuff is fun
  7. I have big dog attitude and play like a cat
  8. .....

If you get in touch with the fabulous woman, you can possibly meet me one day and or get a paw-graph!


dog in lifejacket on board a boat