Pink Tourmaline Ring
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RO0220128-Tourmaline, size 8-1/2
Price: $885.

22KT Gold
Oxidized Sterling Silver

Shipping and Policy

This 3/16" ( 4mm ) wide ring is made of Sterling Silver with a confetti - like overlay of 22KT Gold bits.
The ring shape is round. The inner edges are sculpted for a comfortable fit.

A beautiful, natural cinnamon-pink, 6mm facetted tourmaline, set in a Sterling Silver bezel, is the focal point.
This ring is size 8-1/2.

A layer of patina gives it a loved, carefree look. Over time it will get a bit more shiny and show off the suttle textures.

This concept can work well for any other natural gemstones. Pricing depends on the stone size and rarethy. Custom orders take about 6 weeks for me to create...Much of the time is dependant and sourcing and shipping gemstones. Small variations in the placement of the gold elements are random. That is to be anticipated and appreciated in this handcrafted ring.
Bright finish is an options upon request.

side view
stacked with a diamond band stacked with an second ring 2 band combo      

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