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Ring #RO0230807-Quartz-7.5

OOAF  Size 7-1/2

22KT Gold
Oxidized Sterling Silver
Quartz with inclusions

Shipping and Policy

What a stone!!!
Quartz with inclusions are completely unique!

In this stone,  Markasite is included in the matrix material...

The ring itself is very classic.

The comfort-fit, 3.8mm wide, oxidized Sterling Silver shank is 2mm thick,
with an overlay of 22KT Gold.

An additional stripe of gold accents the bezel set stone.

A layer of patina gives the ring a loved, carefree look. Over time it will get a bit more shiny and show off the subtle textures.


The listing for this ring is a One-of-A-kind. Size 7-1/2
I do not offer sizing.

Should you like this style, I am able to source stones....re-imagine it with a stone of your choice. Keep in mind that natural stones are like fingerprints. Every stone is different!

Ring with Center Stone-Quatz

Here is a video for more details...

Feel free to ask me for additional companion pieces...

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