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Slow Fashion


Garments that make you feel good!
Sewn with attention to detail, using natural & renewable materials.

Made to order

Cypress Glacier Aqua Dove1602 Crermini1802
weimaraner Carribean Laurel Charcoal Tarragon

Above colors arrived in my studio


saffron Madder Red Chili Cochineal Peacock Blue Jay
Oasis Aubergine1801      
A wide spectrum
of colors...Do you see one you like?

Color codes starting with 13 are tissue weight (121.9gm2; 4.3oz/yd2 ), 14 are tissue weight (121.9gm2-127.57gm2; 4.3-4.5oz/yd2 ),
16 is standart T-shirt (163.57gm2; 5.77 oz/yd2 ) & 18 is slightly heavierd ( 190.22gm2; 6.71 oz/yd2 ).

Garments, made of sustainable, luxurious materials.

Minimalist & timeless


Shirts are made one at a time of 100% Merino Wool. Currently there are 2 styles that layer...
One is a slim-fitting long sleeve version; the other a raglan style with 3/4 sleeves
Long Sleeve T Long Sleeve T
  Long Sleeve Slim Fitted T-Shirt - Aqua 1401, tissue weight    

A 3/4 arm raglan shirt
over a long sleeve T-Shirt

If I have the material in stock, I am happy to send you a small sample/swatch. Above colors just arrived in my studio. Ready to be transformed!
Bespoke patternmaking* Customized and fully bespoke is available without extra charge with a minimum of 6 shirts
woman's size guide, based on a average height of 5'5"-5'7" height *
size size # bust - in inches waist - in inches hip - in inches
XS 2 33 24-1/2 34-1/2
S 4 to 6 34 to 35 26-1/2 to 27-1/2 36-1/2 to 37-1/2
M 8 to 10 36 to 37 28-1/2 to 29-1/2 38-1/2 to 39-1/2
L 12 to 14 38-1/2 to 40 31 to 32-1/2 42-1/2 to 42-1/2

The price point varies, based on size and material thickness. $ 125-145. Free Shipping.




Long Sleeve Slim Fitted T-Shirt
100% Merino Wool
Raglan 3/4 Shirt
detail stiching on binding







cutting fabric    

The fabric is 100%Merino Wool. Cool in summer, warm in winter. Perfect for everyday life, sports activities and travel. Feel good about your purchase
knowing it supports manufacturing in The US. The goods are made with sustainable practices with a no waste approach. Buy better, buy less.

For a better quality of life, for the animals, for our planet and you.

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