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2023 - Show Schedule

A sabbatical from excessive travel is in order.
This will be a year with much less travel...

20-21 50th Spring Art Show, Beverly Hills - CA

8-9 Art & Wine Festival, Los Altos - CA

26-27 Festival of the Arts, Palo Alto - CA, Space #561

2-4 The Pearl, Portland - OR, Space #S39

7-8 Art & Wine Festival, San Carlos - CA #1229
21-22 Fine Art Festival, Beverly Hills - CA, Space #264

19 Homecrafter's Marketplace, Sunset Center, Carmel - CA

updated 10/02/2023

I appreciate the support of people for whom my work has meaning and importance. Please consider adding to your collection, if you already own my work, or acquire your
first piece.

This is also the perfect time to talk with me about creating a commissioned piece, a version of one of the pieces that you see here.

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Events archive 2000-2022


In the past I traveled throughout the United States, to participate in 8-16 shows a year.

The cost in time and energy, not to mention finances, has gotten out of hand.

I may apply to some regional events...
If confirmed, each show will have
its own personality and flavor, and I will bring a mixture of the newest designs and long-time favorites.








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